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Comment: Jumper has to be removed before installing new firmware. Otherwise wont do


  • 4. In case of a box power up the device or in case of a card plug the card in your computer and power up the device.
  • 5. After you power up the device it should be reachable again with the default IP address or a new IP address. Open your browser with the address and wait until you get a response from the beroNet device (this could take a couple of minutes since the device is restoring factory defaults. see picture below).

  • 6. After accessing the device via browser it has to be turned off again. Remove the jumper.
  • 7. Power up the device. Use your browser to access the gateway. Press the Firmware-Update button (see picture above).
  • 78. Install the new firmware (see picture below).

  • 89. Power off the device and remove the jumper.
  • 910. Power up the device. The device is now ready with factory defaults.