Updating your old beroNet Gateway to the latest beroNet OS

If you want to update the firmware on your beroNet Gateway to the latest version available, you can follow this guide to ensure that everything works properly.

With every Firmware Update, new configuration possibilities are added and bugs that lead to unexpected behaviour are fixed, so we suggest to always use the latest firmware.

We suggest going through the following upgrade path from old to current in order to prevent any potential errors: Older Firmware 2.3sp3 → 3.0.19 → 16.17 → 20.05.04 → latest firmware version
If anything should fail, you can do a Hardware Factory Reset, update to the last installed Firmware and try again. If you have reached the latest firmware, you can reconfigure your device or import the backup configuration.

Important Information for support on old firmware

In case that the firmware on your device is outdated and maybe even out of warranty, we sadly cannot provide free support if something does not work properly.

You can schedule an On-Demand-Support or a Premium Support Ticket with a beroNet technician in case you have problems with any of our devices.

→ visit beroNet Support

A Hardware Factory Reset, updating and then reconfiguring can solve issues regarding updates in most cases. More Information down below!

Download Firmware

All different releases of the beroNet OS Firmware and stable releases for gateways can be found and downloaded here:

If you want to know what changed in between the versions,
consider checking out the changelogs, where bugfixes and additions are listed:


Update from 2.XX to 2.3sp3

If you are on a 2.XX firmware and you want to upgrade, please update first to the stable 2.3sp3 firmware.

Update from 2.3sp3 to 3.0.19

Do not install the 3.0.XX Firmware from the Recovery Mode / Hardware Factory Reset when you have a 2.X Version installed! Use the Firmware Update Functionality instead.

If you are on a 2.3sp3 firmware and you want to upgrade, please update first to the stable 3.0.19 firmware. This process needs a bit more attention than usual.

  1. Create a Backup of your Configuration (Management → Backup and Restore)

  2. Reboot the Device (Management → Reboot/Reset)

  3. Update to 3.0.19 Firmware (Management → Firmware Update)

  4. Then perform a Factory Reset (Management → Reboot/Reset)

The gateway may not be in a fully functioning state until the factory reset has been performed.

Then you can either restore your configuration or continue on the upgrade path.

Update from 3.XX to 16.17

Even though 3CX suggests the use of 3.0.19 it is completely safe to upgrade to a more current firmware. Current beroNet OS firmware works with all 3CX version if configured correctly!


Some unexpected behaviour can be prevented by updating the firmware. If you still have problems, please consider our support portal: beroNet Support Portal

→ To prevent the loss of your configuration or else, do not forgot to make a backup of your configuration.

Update from 16.XX / 19.XX / 20.XX to 20.05.04

Do not install the 16.XX or higher firmware while still having a 2.X Firmware installed.

Updating from any of these versions is completely safe, but you might have to change a the national and international code setting, since this is not done automatically.

→ To prevent the loss of your configuration or else, do not forgot to make a backup of your configuration.

Please change your national and international code if needed!

The national and international code of the SIP-Account need to be WITH leading 0 now. You can find this setting under SIP → Edit your SIP-Account → Number Formatting. Check the tooltip for more information!

Update from 20.05.04 to LATEST

In order to update to version 21.02.XX, you need to first upgrade to version 20.05.04!

→ To prevent the loss of your configuration or else, do not forgot to make a backup of your configuration.

Update via Hardware Factory Reset

You can simply install a fresh firmware with the beroNet Recovery-Utility. Just insert the jumper like in the Guide below and boot the device. Then click on Firmware-Update and upload the beroNet Firmware you wish to install!

The firmware can be downloaded here: https://beronet.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUB/pages/61210659#ToolsandDownloads-beroNetOS

Here you can find a Guide for the Hardware Factory Reset to access the Recovery-Utility:



If you need help with the process, consider reaching out to one of our technicians on our Support Portal at support

If you need scheduled remote assistance, you can request our on-demand support services: https://www.beronet.com/support