FAQ - Telephony Appliance

How to find out if the Hardware is defect? 

Before considering a potential hardware defect and starting an RMA, you should at least follow our verifying an appliance hardware defect article.

Problem: My VNC client shows only a black screen when behind a NAT or using the beroNet Cloud
: read VNC Guide carefully and use an external VNC Client if necessary.

Problem: Shutdown in Hypervisor of Windows doesn't work
: the PV Driver shutdownmon service hasn't been installed correctly. Start a command prompt as administrator and goto c:\Program files (x86)\Xen PV Drivers\bin\ and issue the command: shutdownmon -i

Problem: WebVNC keyboard is strange
: Use the HV-Options in the VM Editor and add keymap='de' for a german keymap.

Problem: VM Time is about 1 hour wrong
: Use the HV-Options in the VM Editor and add localtime=1

Problem: Shutdown in Windows 10 results in Hypervisor crash
: Windows 10 tries to use Fastboot while shutting down, this can be disable in Windows under: Settings->System->Power&Sleep->Additional Power Settings->Choose what the power buttons do->Change->settings that are currently unavailable -> Turn on fast startup

Problem: beroNet Card is not visible in Hypervisor or appliance OS

Solution: The PCIe cable might have been slipped out, open the appliance make sure the card is well connected and carefully close the appliance.

 If the hypervisor still does not see the beroNet card, save the network settings and activate them, this rediscovers the network interfaces

How to update the Hypervisor from Version 1.X to Version 2.X

To update to the newest Version 2.XX from 1.XX it is necessary to follow these steps:

  1. backup all VMs to a large enough USB drive
  2. update to 2.XX via the recovery stick: 1.4 Factory Reset and Recovery (Appliance)
  3. convert the backups to the new backup format in the Backup GUI of the 2.XX Hypervisor
  4. Restore the backups

NOTE: LVM is much more performant, so the update will not only bring more stability, it will also boost the speed of the VMs.