FAQ - beroCAPI

Optimal Settings for Tobit David

In beroCAPI:

In TLD.ini of Tobit David

nolistensync = true DisableCAPIReset = True TimeOut = 10

beroCAPI registering with more than a single Berofix

beroCAPI (both old and new versions) currently support registering with a single Berofix.

However, it is possible to generate a license key bundled with the MAC address of a PC instead of the Berofix Serial Number (SN). In this case, different SIP trunks can be used. But this type of license is currently available only when a “full” product is purchased:

beroCAPI disable CAPI FaxHeader in Version 5

In version 5, you can disable the Fax Headline by setting the column FaxHeader to 1 (1 Disable and 2 Enable):
%PROGRAM_FILES%\NG Media Server\config\media_profile.csv

beroCAPI Reset Admin Password in Version 5

In version 5, you can view the login and password to access to the NGMS administration panel in the file, under the name AdministratorUsername and AdministratorPassword:

%PROGRAM_FILES%\NG Media Server\config\general.csv