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Firmware 20.05.03 needs to be installed, before installing the 21.01 Firmware

Reloading the browser cache can be required. Use CRTLCTRL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+F5 or SHIFT+F5 to reload it

TLS SIP server certificate is now verified by default, make sure you upload the correct certificate or disable verification in the stack settings

  • fixed issue with DTMF passthrough on SIP->SIP calls
  • fixed SDP handling issue, when there were multiple 180 RINGING messages with and without SDP

  • fixed some issues on firmware downgrade

  • fixed some issues on firmware upgrade

  • fixed issue on incoming LTE call, when one call is already connected

  • fixed error in API function TelephonyGetCdr and added new parameter download_old

  • fixed some issues in the Fulltrace
  • fixed handling of TON in Calldeflect/Rerouting facility for generating 302 redirect

  • fixed rejecting calldeflect/rerouting with returnError Facility when calldeflect is disabled

  • fixed LTE state table and added more information about technology
  • added GUI support for TLS 1.2

  • added SIP support for TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 TLS 1.2, removed support for SSLv3

  • added TLS certificate verification now enabled by default (if there is a problem registering to your TLS SIP server, upload the correct certificate or disable verification)

  • added new licensing mechanism for SIP-SIP calls (transcoding and transparent channels)

  • added made RTP handling selectable (transparent vs transcoding calls)

  • added more performant handling of transparent SIP->SIP RTP streams

  • added access to isgw telnet konsole in the GUI

  • added custom tones to be configurable in the GUI for FXO

  • added wait4idle timeout configurable on FXO to handle incoming ringing

  • added verify_ringing option to FXO port group

  • added FXS ring oscillator intervals to be configurable

  • added experimental option ltedtmf, to handle non inband DTMF indications on LTE calls

  • added config option anonymous_from_user_on_privacy

  • added activationDiversionQ numbers are now available as dialplan variable

  • added showing the network link status in GUI

  • added interface can now be given for ACL rules

  • added reworked DoS protection settings, can now be configured for different packet types and interfaces

  • added more information to call statistic (formerly port statistic)
  • reworked the Network Settings page

  • improved debugging of PSTN ports in fulltrace

  • performance improvements in GUI

  • reduced memory consumption of isgw

  • using ephemeral portrange 50000-60000 for outgoing UDP requests

  • after a hardware factory reset via jumper, the SSH, HTTP and HTTPS Ports will be opened