Changelog - beroNet OS (Gateways)

21.x Firmware


Firmware 20.05.04 or newer needs to be installed, before installing the 21.02 or later Firmware

Reloading the browser cache can be required. Use CTRL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+F5 or SHIFT+F5 to reload it

TLS SIP server certificate is now verified by default, make sure you upload the correct certificate or disable verification in the stack settings

21.02.01 - 01.08.2022

  • fixed NTP issue when DNS was not configured
  • fixed memory leak occurring on outgoing SIP INVITEs
  • fixed problems on LTE port initialization
  • fixed issue uploading a certificate
  • fixed behaviour when using an individual ISDN port as FromID in dialplan instead of the port group
  • fixed graceful-activate / reboot behavior
  • removed requirement to set national code in ISDN group (denmark, luxembourg)
  • displaying client certificate in the GUI
  • improved update-installation process
  • added experimental_option gsm_pdu_mode

21.02 - 11.03.2022

  • fixed some memory leaks
  • fixed erroneous behaviour when call_forwarding_mode=Invite
  • fixed issue setting gsm_clir variable

  • fixed issue on firmware update via provisioning

  • fixed NetConf issue when DHCP mode

  • fixed registering issue on beroCloud settings in DHCP mode

  • fixed issues in SIP->SIP SRTP handling

  • fixed using incorrect TLS listening port in contact string

  • fixed setting incorrect contact header on outgoing T.38 re-invite

  • fixed LTE signal strength display and values
  • fixed issues on Provisioning Page
  • fixed API Calls (NetworkSetConfiguration, FirmwareUpdate, ProvisioningTriggerConfig)
  • added recovery mode
  • added fortified update and downgrade mechanism
  • added call statistics for SIP to SIP calls
  • added 1tr119 and sips_on_tls config option option

  • added multi actions to SIP peers page (set callgroups, sip stack, register)
  • added experimental option no_reason_header

  • added experimental option memory watchdog
  • added Provisioning over TLS and the corresponding 'Redirect Task' on beroCloud
  • quicker initialization of LTE modules, quicker GUI accessibililty during  LTE initialization
  • improved fulltrace behaviour (speed, single file download behaviour, analog port debug)
  • order of header fields for the from source auto value detection can be defined now
  • reworked SNMP GUI, added support for SNMP-traps

  • updated lighttpd version to 1.4.50
  • ACL rules support support DROP and ACCEPT rules
  • reworked the SIP stack configuratioin

  • allowing setting empty national code for SIP and ISDN

  • enhanced the Info Page (SIP License and Storage information displayed)

21.01 - 03.08.2021


Firmware 20.05.03 needs to be installed, before installing the 21.01 Firmware

Reloading the browser cache can be required. Use CTRL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+F5 or SHIFT+F5 to reload it

TLS SIP server certificate is now verified by default, make sure you upload the correct certificate or disable verification in the stack settings

  • fixed issue with DTMF passthrough on SIP->SIP calls
  • fixed SDP handling issue, when there were multiple 180 RINGING messages with and without SDP

  • fixed some issues on firmware downgrade

  • fixed some issues on firmware upgrade

  • fixed issue on incoming LTE call, when one call is already connected

  • fixed error in API function TelephonyGetCdr and added new parameter download_old

  • fixed some issues in the Fulltrace
  • fixed handling of TON in Calldeflect/Rerouting facility for generating 302 redirect

  • fixed rejecting calldeflect/rerouting with returnError Facility when calldeflect is disabled

  • fixed LTE state table and added more information about technology
  • added GUI support for TLS 1.2

  • added SIP support for TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 TLS 1.2, removed support for SSLv3

  • added TLS certificate verification now enabled by default (if there is a problem registering to your TLS SIP server, upload the correct certificate or disable verification)

  • added new licensing mechanism for SIP-SIP calls (transcoding and transparent channels)

  • added made RTP handling selectable (transparent vs transcoding calls)

  • added more performant handling of transparent SIP->SIP RTP streams

  • added access to isgw telnet konsole in the GUI

  • added custom tones to be configurable in the GUI for FXO

  • added wait4idle timeout configurable on FXO to handle incoming ringing

  • added verify_ringing option to FXO port group

  • added FXS ring oscillator intervals to be configurable

  • added experimental option ltedtmf, to handle non inband DTMF indications on LTE calls

  • added config option anonymous_from_user_on_privacy

  • added activationDiversionQ numbers are now available as dialplan variable

  • added showing the network link status in GUI

  • added interface can now be given for ACL rules

  • added reworked DoS protection settings, can now be configured for different packet types and interfaces

  • added more information to call statistic (formerly port statistic)
  • reworked the Network Settings page

  • improved debugging of PSTN ports in fulltrace

  • performance improvements in GUI

  • reduced memory consumption of isgw

  • using ephemeral portrange 50000-60000 for outgoing UDP requests

  • after a hardware factory reset via jumper, the SSH, HTTP and HTTPS Ports will be opened

20.x Firmware

20.05.04 - 10.12.2021

  • fixed problem handling SDP, when Ringing event withous SDP was sent before
  • fixed bug leading to broken oad TON prefixing
  • fixed using correct tls listening port in contact string for outgoing invites
  • fixed bug when using more than 4 LTE ports
  • fix issue with call progress table in the dialplan popup (sip)
  • added experimental option ltedtmf, enabling #DTMFEV indications on lte
  • added config option anonymous_from_user_on_privacy
  • added call_forwarding_method options invite_incoming and diversion_incoming
  • added reason header can now be deactivated with experimental option no_reason_header
  • made updating more secure by checking file system space before update

20.05.03 - 17.05.2021

  • bearer capability will now be passed through transparently on ISDN->ISDN calls
  • added config option bearer
  • fixed problem on ISDN->ISDN calls when CLEARMODE codec was used
  • fixed control of LED lights on 24 FXS gateway
  • changed format of analog port voltage logging
  • fixed problem sending Invites to different proxy after registrar failure
  • fixed XSS issue

20.05.02 - 09.04.2021

  • fix for sdpless re-invite
  • fix for incoming sdpless invite
  • fix for authenticating incoming bye message
  • fixed passing through SIP INFO for SIP-ISDN
  • fixed Language issue on State page
  • fix for audio problems for new LTE module
  • fixed sending syslog messages after restart
  • fixed generating some config files after hardware factory reset
  • fixed problem with DNS SRV when DNS server was not available on startup
  • added using SRV alternative peers, when register attempt fails
  • reordered items on GUI logging page
  • fixed sporadically ocurring problem with PSTN database setup after a factory reset
  • added ACL rule to allow access from bfdetect tool

20.05.01 - 17.12.2020

  • fixed typo in german translation, rendering the GUI inaccessible

20.05 - 16.12.2020

IMPORTANT INFO: Switching to german language renders the GUI inaccessible

In this case, install the 20.05.01 Firmware by rebooting into update mode by calling:


replace the string GATEWAYIP with the IP of your gateway

  • changed if ISDN port is blocked, calls are rejected with cause 44 now
  • added allowing schedule of graceful activate/reboot when no calls are affected
  • added support for callgroups
  • added option max_simultaneous call for SIP groups
  • added improved network troubleshooting
  • added support for SNMPv3 UDP/TLS
  • added config option t38_ignore_offer
  • added contact_all_setting allowing to modify registration contact header
  • added monitored_sip_peer option to allow shutting down ISDN ports when SIP peer goes down
  • added improved time settings configuration, Summer/Wintertime change now configurable
  • fixed issues in time settings management
  • fixed issues during factory reset
  • fixed showing used ISDN channel in CDR when call was rejected directly after SETUP
  • fixed backup/restore of hostname
  • fixed not accepting bye from caller in early dialog on SIP to SIP calls
  • fixed issues with GSM table not loading
  • fixed not setting contact in validating OPTIONS packets, when validating without registration
  • fixed dnssrv request for peers configured with TLS
  • fixed GSM/LTE unicode converter
  • fixed restoring NTP host from backup
  • fixed not using configured dtmflen value, when rfc2833_passthrough=0
  • fixed memory leak when using validate without registration
  • fixed handling of an re-invite not containing SDP
  • fixed sending out rfc2833 events when dtmfmode=inband was used
  • fixed not refreshing DHCP anymore when request failed
  • fixed problem adding some network routes
  • fixed issue correctly deleting and deregistering cloud settings on factory reset
  • fixed number prefixing when failover_account is used, using settings from failover account
  • fixed crash when restarting ISDN port that was not configured
  • several GUI fixes and improvements
  • GUI allowing multiple selection and deletion of SIP groups
  • GUI fixed dialplan javascript delete issue
  • GUI added from_display and other variables to list of selectable SIP settings
  • GUI added cancel button to Full-Trace
  • GUI added additional options for managing Full-Trace
  • GUI added ajax refresh for active calls
  • disabled PRACK support by default, if not explicitly enabled via experimental option enable_prack
  • disabled support for SNMP traps

20.04.01 - 13.08.2020

  • fixed problem resetting the GUI password

20.04 - 07.08.2020

  • fixed unnecessary restarting of voice channel on SIP->SIP calls in case of reinvite
  • fixed memory leaks occuring on gateways with T1E1 modules
  • fixed offering wrong RTP port, when dialplan was searched multiple times on analog overlap dialing calls
  • fixed addressing deprecated/wrong target IP on outgoing INVITEs when DNS SRV was used and DNS address changed occurred
  • fixed SMS not being able to contain € sign
  • added SMS Webhook, allowing URL to be contacted on SMS reception
  • added Network troubleshooting features to GUI
  • added config option header_passthrough_filter to be used together with config option header_passthrough
  • added GUI option to disable the cloud redirect function
  • added informative message about cloud status
  • restart_after_linkloss sends additional restart message on channel 0
  • closing dialplan_debug window on session timeout
  • different loglevel settings are now individually configurable in the GUI
  • supporting now new beroNet LTE module
  • cloud monitoring and status will be enabled when registering to the cloud
  • optimized Yellow Activate (ACL rules restarted only after have been updated)
  • homogenized physical and GUI LEDs for LTE module
  • fixed issue updating DNS Server
  • fixed GUI issues (Call-Progress Table, Wizard, Market)
  • fixed 3CX Wizard redirect issue
  • on GSM and LTE cards SMS stored on the SIM will be deleted during initialization (please backup any important messages)

20.03 - 05.06.2020

  • fixed some stability issues
  • fixed some memory leaks
  • fixed some hang issuesimproved GUI performance
  • fixed GUI bug saving SIP peer secret
  • reworked DNS system, using internal DNS cache for better performance
  • fixed some display problems during dialplan debug
  • added support for "Technische Richtlinien Notruf" of the Telekom
  • fixed problem with ISDN calldeflect when using very long numbers
  • fixed some Labelling errors in the GUI
  • added new Wizard for 3cx and other VoiP PBX
  • added Api Functions CFActivate and CFDeactivate
  • added support for LE910C1 LTE
  • beroCloud Configuration now has own menu entry
  • showing beroCloud registration status on demand
  • added support for SMS delivery reports, added Api function SmsGetSendReport
  • incoming SMS only deleted automatically if there are more than 1000 unfetched
  • added experimental option telnet_max_connections, default value is 4
  • increased allowed syslog port range
  • fixed issue with SDP-less re-invite in connected SIP->SIP call
  • fixed wrongfully setting SDP on SIP->SIP call in some situations
  • fixed losing part of SIP configuration when Factory Reset is done and 'keep SIP settings' is selected
  • added preparations for beroCloud redirection service

20.02 - 19.02.2020

GUI-Mode: Reloading the browser cache can be required. Use CRTL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+F5 or SHIFT+F5 to reload it

  • fixed problem on SIP→ISDN BRI/NT  calls not going to next free port if all channels are occupied
  • added keeping 'ACL settings' during Wizard Configuration
  • added a PHP validator during a GET or a POST request 
  • improved the Javascript validator
  • improved the security against XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities
  • fixed problem restarting LTE port on State page
  • fixed problem saving 'Remote Management' Settings in German-Mode
  • fixed some Javascript errors or not expected behavior
  • fixed GUI-error with 'Dialtone passthrough' settings from FXO module
  • fixed GUI-bug from Dialplan popup settings (Easy and Advanced Mode)

20.01 - 06.02.2020

  • fixed prepending of VAZ (prefixes) when no national/international prefixes have been set
  • fixed updating and reload problems of causes map
  • fixed erroneous reregister request to the berocloud, after deregistering, improved GUI presentation
  • fixed missing values in SIP settings dropdowns (e.g. in From user/Pai User ...)
  • fixed displaying incorrect value in the GUI for Destination/Source Number format
  • fixed not capturing localhost SIP message during fulltrace
  • fixed early audio on PSTN->PSTN calls
  • fixed instability when SIP INFO package without payload was received
  • fixed problem with downgrade from 19.xx to 16.xx not starting, occurring on very old gateways
  • fixed losing of transport settings for the SIP stack when upgrading from 16.xx to 20.xx
  • fixed showing of SMS Tab in the GUI for LTE modules
  • fixed problem on LAN/WAN using same MAC addresses, using different MACs now
  • some minor GUI layout improvements
  • added new value auto for SIP dialplan source and dialplan destination and made it default
  • added new config option sdp_codec_selection, passing through the offered codecs
  • using second DNS server if the first on fails
  • GUI session timer is refreshed on click activity
  • on BRI rejecting now SETUP, when two calls are already
  • improved Dialplan Debugging

19.x Firmware

19.07 - 11.12.2019

  • some GUI modifications (some pages are now organized in tabs, showing additional information)
  • added GSM/LTE provider selection
  • improved presentation of GSM/LTE status
  • added validation as option to SIP peers without registration
  • fixed issue when configuring
  • fixed issue with 2FXO-1FXS module combination
  • improved behaviour of the LEDs of the PSTN RJ45 ports
  • fixed application of early_audio settings on SIP->FXO calls
  • added option for permanent remote support
  • fixed encoding REDIR_NR in ISDN NT-stack
  • fixed short hangs triggered by non-responding DNS server
  • default values changed: sip_from_display_setting=none (from display empty)
  • default values changed: sip_ppi_user_setting=none (PPI header not added)
  • default values changed: codecs=pcma (only pcma is now offered by default)
  • default values changed: t38=0 (no t38 on PSTN/SIP calls)
  • default values changed: s2s_t38_passthrough=0 (no t38 on SIP2SIP calls)
  • default values changed: cd=1 (call deflect is enabled by defaull)
  • default values changed: i2s_destination_numformat (default now: +(int)(nat)num, old default unknown: (num))
  • default values changed: i2s_source_numformat (default now: +(int)(nat)num, old default unknown: (num))
  • default values changed: TCP and UDP are by default activated now on each SIP stack
  • NTP server configured by default
  • no default ACL rules anymore, only access from local network is initially configured
  • fixed bug losing the causes map on firmware update
  • fixed bug re-registering SIP peers on DNS server timeout
  • fixed bug on SIP->FXO calls, when FXO->SIP call was already active on analog port
  • added support of ie_on_sip X-BF_FACILITY_MLPP header
  • fixed generation of pcap traces when VLAN was activated
  • fixed issues with PCM bridging
  • SIP CLEARMODE calls automatically now offer UNRESTRICTED_DIGITAL as bearer capability on ISDN, and vice versa by default
  • added clearmode_auto option, allowing to configure the CLEARMODE/UNRESTRICTED_DIGITAL bearer configuration
  • fixed issue when re-invite SDP target url and gateway IP are identical

19.06 - 18.10.2019

  • fixed problem of displaying T1E1 modules in the GUI
  • fixed small memory leak

19.05 - 02.10.2019

  • fixed issue using wrong cidlen and crlen on PRI

19.04 - 30.09.2019

  • added codec selection for LTE
  • added config option gsm_clir to configure
  • added configurability of ISDN cidlen and crlen for BRI
  • fixed issue uploading/deleting SIP TLS certificates
  • fixed incorrect prepending of country and city code
  • fixed collecting of debug data during full-trace
  • fixed slow down of the GUI while checking for firmware
  • cloud based remote session can be now ended via the GUI
  • better handling of privacy header in auto mode on SIP->SIP calls (outgoing leg uses values of first leg)

19.03 - 28.08.2019

  • fixed issue with incomplete configuration after update from 16.xx firmware
  • fixed log rotating pcap files during full trace
  • fixed problem of setting nameserver when DHCP is on
  • fixed issue on SIP->ISDN calls when externip of stun server was used
  • fixed netconfigserver reported ip when bonding mode is selected
  • added configurability of NTP server when DHCP is activated, explicitly given NTP server has preference

19.02 - 06.08.2019

  • fixed missing files in Full Trace (gsm debug.log on LTE, LAN pcap in bonding mode)
  • added missing Termination Causes to CDR
  • Reworked and improved the different Gateway Wizards
  • fixed erroneous prepending of configured prefix to automatic number format
  • added GUI field for configuring SIP contact header
  • fixed problem with FXS not working
  • fixed file descriptor leaks
  • removed s2s_302_passthrough
  • added call_forwarding_mode instead, allowing to either send a 302 or a reinvite (with optional diversion header)
  • config values from_sip_dest_setting (dialplan destination) and from_sip_src_setting (dialplan source) can be now defined with a regular expression
  • added config values sip_priv*, to add custom headers to an outgoing Invite

19.01 - 27.06.2019

Most notable changes in comparison to current 16.15 firmware:

  • Support for beroNet 3LI gateways with two ethernet ports
  • Separate SIP stacks can be configured for each network interface
  • Sip peers can be individually configured to use their own bind port
  • Facilities for DoS Protection

16.x Firmware

16.17 - 19.11.2019

  • fixed slowness issue in GUI

  • fixed initialization issue with FXO and FXS after hardware factory reset was done

16.16 - 24.09.2019

  • better handling of privacy header in auto mode on SIP->SIP calls (outgoing leg uses values of first leg)

  • added config option isdn_no_sending_complete
  • fixed incorrect prepending of country and city code
  • fixed sending two SETUPs on SIP->ISDN calls, when stun or externip was enabled
  • fixed problem with setting iptables rules for SIP peers with long group name
  • fixed printing of configuration settings

16.15 - 19.06.2019

  • fixed error in SDP when rejecting T.38, if multiple media sections were offered

  • fixed problem on SIP->FXO calls accidentally terminating FXO->SIP call on used port
  • fixed potential resource leak of RTP ports on SIP->SIP calls
  • for SIP->SIP calls, dtmfmode can be configured for both SIP legs individually
  • new options for s2s_nat_opener
  • better handling of potentially broken https certificates

16.13 - 29.03.2019

  • fixed error when restoring isgw.causes

  • fixed XSS vulnerability

  • fixed prefixing dad with ton prefix

  • fixed problem with no audio on SIP->SIP calls when send_only was offered in SDP

  • fixed problem for with SDP offers offering codecs with higher sampling rate

  • fixed offering of tracing ISDN ports in fulltrace only when no ISDN ports are available

  • fixed issue with analog port configuration during firmware update

  • added config option config option isdn2sip_source_numformat

  • added support for FXO adminstrative offhook mode

  • added new parameters to use_privacy_header config option, options are now auto, off, none and id

  • added config option sip_302_contact_user
  • added config option sip_302_contact_url
  • removed config_option s2i_transfer_url_cd
  • removed config option d2s_oad_prefix_setting

  • removed SIP profile management from GUI

  • config option disable_prack now used for inbound sip calls too

  • on T1/E1 modules E1-HDLC is used as default, for reconfiguring to CAS/T1 update the hardware configuration during a factory reset now

  • now displaying hardware configuration table when the module has been be just plugged

  • now display pipe installation-progress when a new tab is opened

  • improved collecting of debug data during full-trace

  • improved handling of FSK caller-id detection on FXO ports

  • a couple of cosmetic improvements in the GUI

16.12 - 11.01.2019

  • fixed disabling of echo canceller

  • fixed VAZ prepending in case of usage of failover proxy

  • fixed VAZ prepending in GSM and FXS calls

  • fixed timeslot allocation for T1E1 module

  • fixed problem with s2s licence reading for new cards starting with serial number 30

  • added config option ec_sparse_params

  • added config option s2s_rtp_passthrough

  • added config option r2config for setting MFCR2 parameters

  • added codes for rejecting RTP or T.38, status code can be configured now in the causes map

  • changed default reject status code from 415 to 488 for T.38

  • changed default for sip_info_on_facility to 0

16.11 - 16.08.2018

  • fixed bug affecting incoming invites unintentionally being rejected sometimes
  • fixed rtp_packet_size config option for SIP→SIP calls
  • fixed SIP→SIP license parsing on new 3-line-interface gateway

16.10 - 05.07.2018

  • fixed setting correct cause from in ISDN DISCONNECT and RELEASE_COMPLETE, if no dialplan entry was found
  • fixed wrong setting of contact string, when externip/stun  was not used
  • fixed a memory leak when using DNS SRV
  • fixed error when registering to the cloud
  • fixed password problem between Zeroconf and PBX Wizard
  • fixed error in SIP→SIP dialplan entry when using dialplan variables
  • fixed bug with timeshift of timezone with half hours
  • contact header SIP URL port will always be formatted including port, even if it is 5060
  • fulltrace starting now rotates the logfiles
  • added config option s2s_t38_passthrough

16.09 - 23.04.2018

  • changed maximum SIP registration refresh value from 2000 to 3600
  • fixed error configuring PCM slave mode
  • fixed behaviour when T.38 reinvite was rejected and a G711 re-invite was received
  • fixed setting correct port when sip domain is used
  • using uppercase for codecs in SDP now
  • isdn2sip_destination_numformat now used for fxs call as well
  • added config option sip_info_on_facility
  • added config option s2s_nat_opener
  • handling 302 correctly on SIP→SIP calls
  • waiting longer time to go into idle state on FXO calls
  • added experimental_option emergency_numbers
  • fixed stability issues
  • experimental option no100fix can be now 0, 1 or 2
  • now sending 302 transfer in SIP direction if calldeflect is received on ISDN side and cd=1
  • fixed no audio problem when SDP was contained in 182 message
  • refreshing registrations when DNS query result has changed

16.08 - 07.11.2017

  • added toneset for Ireland
  • fixed hostname setting
  • fixed userapp-version issue
  • fixed not printing first line in dialplan debug
  • fixed call progress table backup&restore bug
  • changed default setting of ppi/rpi/xheaders, they are now disabled by default, sip_pai_user=${new_source} now
  • hostname/gateway not displayed in dhcp mode
  • ntpserver setting overrides DHCP provided ntp server if set

16.07 - 25.07.2017

  • fix for parsing sip ppi header
  • added option no100fix, fixing problem when no 100 trying is received
  • fixed sip failover behaviour on gsm
  • fixed memory leak when using stun
  • fixed problem encoding ISDN connected party number

16.06 - 28.06.2017

  • fixed security issues with telnet access to card
  • fixed SIP problems with peers not listening on standard SIP port
  • fixed GUI error message after language switch
  • fixed GUI error saving FXS Clip
  • fixed problem with dialplan restore
  • debug files get tagged with their md5sum now
  • improved DNS SRV handling
  • improved SMS handling

16.05 - 27.01.2017

  • fixed GUI error setting t38 in dialplan
  • fixed GUI error saving GSM extension
  • fixed GUI error setting call progress table
  • fixed GUI Dialplan-Debug behaviour
  • fixed one way audio problem on SIP→SIP calls
  • fixed reinvite handling on SIP→SIP calls

16.04 - 22.12.2016

  • fixed error storing "more settings" in dialplan
  • fixed limitation on density of inbound SIP calls

16.03 - 29.11.2016

  • new responsive GUI
  • new logging facilities
  • new config option skip_setup_ack
  • new config option resync_on_notify
  • new config option isdn_dad_setting
  • new config option dialtone_digits
  • added dialplan variable new_destination_auto
  • fixed VLAN issues
  • fixed problem with dialplan copy and multiple delete
  • fixed SMS problems
  • fixed problem with SIP info messaged on FXS calls
  • try option 67 on DHCP if option 66 is missing
  • display name in register requests now in quotes
  • in-call ISDN Information messages will now converted to DTMF
  • fixed some minor issues in the GUI
  • fixed problem with provisioning polling
  • fixed config option outgoing_bchannels
  • new REST-API functions
  • netconfigserver is now configurable
  • improved qsig name handling
  • support for DNS SRV
  • minimum accepted session expires now configurable
  • Major security fixes, more info here

Known Issues:

  • T38 disable doesn't save in the Dialplan  - as workaround you can configure "t38=0" in the text-area under the "more" tab.

3.0 STABLE - Firmware

3.0.19 - 25.07.2017

  • added option no100fix, fixing problem when no 100 trying is received
  • fixed sip failover behaviour on gsm
  • fixed memory leak when using stun
  • fixed problem encoding ISDN connected party number

3.0.18 - 24.05.2017

  • Security fix, telnet interface not more accessible from LAN by default
  • fixed instablity problems in SIP stack occurring when a large time change shift happens

3.0.17 - 03.02.2017

  • fixed problem in dialplan debug
  • fixed problem with incoming 181 and 182 provisional responses
  • fixed bug in Factory Reset

3.0.16 - 18.01.2017

  • fixed return code for provisioning

3.0.15 - 12.01.2017

  • reworked session handling for dialplan debug for more security

3.0.14 - 10.01.2017

  • reworked GUI session handling. GUI is now more secure as its files can only be accessed via the GUI
  • new_source_auto will now use TON_SUBSCRIBER as default

3.0.13 - 29.11.2016

  • new config option skip_setup_ack
  • new config option dialtone_digits for FXS inbound cals
  • new config option emergency
  • display name in register requests now in quotes
  • in-call ISDN Information messages will now converted to DTMF
  • fixed config option outgoing_bchannels
  • bugfix gsm provisioning
  • fixed problem with SIP info messaged on FXS calls
  • fixed problem with SDP offers containing 16000Hz Codecs