Installing beroNet Session Licenses

The different beroNet SBC and Gateway models support a different amount of concurrent sessions. You can find more info on this topic here:  How beroNet handles transcoding 

NOTE: The first 2 Sessions are Test-Sessions that can be used for free. When you buy further sessions you will need to license these 2 test-sessions as well. E.g. If you buy a 4 session license, you have 4 total sessions, not 6. 

Installing a Session License

In order to obtain a License you need to find out the serial number. Go to Management → Info: 

With the serial number you can buy the needed license from your point of sales and you will retrieve a license file, which you need to upload in Preferences→Miscellaneous → SIP to SIP License: 

After uploading the correct file, you will see the amount of sessions in this screen: 

Now you're done and you can start to make calls.

Switching between session types

It is possible to enable or disable transparent Sessions or choose the priority, which should be used first.

This setting can be set individually for each SIP Profile under SIP → More. (Advanced GUI should be enabled)