How beroNet Gateways and SBCs handle transcoding

What is transcoding

There are different kinds of SIP codecs. Transcoding means translating the telecommunication signal of one technology or SIP codec into another. Depending on the SIP codec involved, more or less CPU of the gateway will be used. On beroNet VoIP Gateways, we talk about channels in order to give a better idea of the number of calls we can do depending on the codec used.

Gateway modelSBC modelNr. of simple channelNumber of complex channels
BF6400boxBNSBC-XL12864 (only 32 for T.38)

According the this information we can say that 1 complex channel = 4 simple channels  (With exceptions for the BF6400box).

Our gateways are compatible with lots of different SIP codecs. Depending on the codec, a simple channel or a complex one will be used on the gateway when it transcodes.

CodecType of channel needed
Clear Channelsimple
G.711 (with DTMF & echo cancellation)simple

PSTN to SIP transcoding

beroNet VoIP Gateways are often used to send calls from an analog, ISDN or GSM technology to SIP. Depending one the gateway model used and the SIP codec involved, the gateway will be able to process more or less calls. If the gateway transcodes the signal from PSTN to a SIP codec using simple channels, the number of possible calls amounts to the number of simple channels available on the gateway. The same applies for complex channel SIP codecs and the number of complex channels available in the gateway.


Gateway modelSBC modelFROMTONr. of possible calls
BF1600boxBNSBC-LPRIClear channel64

SIP-to-SIP transcoding

When a beroNet VoIP Gateway is used to send calls from one SIP peer to another two channels are established in the gateway:

  • SIP to Gateway = 1 call with x number of simple channels used
  • Gateway to SIP = 1 call with x number of simple channels used

In order to know how many simple channels are used, thus how many calls the gateway can handle, we need to sum up the channels used in both calls.

FromToSIP-SessionsNr. of simple channels used for one SIP to SIP call

 max calls handled by bf400 / BNSBC-M

max calls handled by bf1600 / BNSBC-Lmax calls handled by bf6400 / BNSBC-XL

SIP-to-SIP transparent Channels

The new transparent channels allow more parallels Sessions per device. Each device can handle up to 128 parallel sessions, no matter which codec is used:


 max calls handled by bf400 / BNSBC-M

max calls handled by bf1600 / BNSBC-Lmax calls handled by bf6400 / BNSBC-XL
Any CodecSame Codec1128128128

More Information can also be found here: SBC Session types