How to change the Jitterbuffer Settings

The Jitterbuffer can be configured in the Dialplan or in the SIP "more" configuration settings under "additional configuration"

The option jbopt allows to configure some jitter buffer settings of the MSP, if it is not passed, empty or contains invalid values the default values will apply.

delay_min => 0-300ms (default 0ms)                          : minimum jitter buffer size
delay_max => 0-300ms (default 200ms)                        : maximum jitter buffer size
delay_init => 0-300ms (default 0ms)                         : initial  delay when voice channel is started
adaption_period => 1000-65535ms (default 10000ms)           : the time period over which the jitter buffer can adapt to changing jitter
deletion_mode => 0=soft mode or 1=hard mode (default 0)     : soft mode puts emphasis on better audio quality on the cost of a slightly higer delay
deletion_mode_adjust => 0 or 1 (default 0) : adjustment behaviour, 0=no immediate adjustment or 1=Adjust upwards immediately deletion_threshold => 0-500ms (default 500ms)  : jitter period after which incoming late packets are directly deleted

These seven values have to be passed all together as a colon separated string (e.g. jbopt=0:200:0:10000:0:0:500), if any of these values are missing or are out of range, the whole setting is ignored.


would be equivalent to the default settings, with an adaptive jitter buffer size of 200ms
setting delay_min=delay_max makes the jitter buffer non adaptive, this setting would set a fixed jitter buffer size of 40 ms